Motorcycle Movie List
10 Best of the Worst
by Dr. Doodad

I have been around since before the introduction of the panhead. In view of that fact let me say that I grew up with the motorcycle films. Starting in 1954 producers like Stanley Kramer and Roger Corman saw an opportunity for profit by making inexpensively financed movies, which appealed to teenagers, like the biker exploitation films. I saw all these flickers as a kid back in the days of 10Ę popcorn. I was mesmerized as I sat in the dark theater and watched as the big machines thumped-a-thumped across the silver screen.

So like everything else in life that has to do with American sickels and the lifestyle that goes with them, I, Dr. Gizmo Doodad*, am also an expert in the field of motorcycle cinematography. And with that in mind, I have decided to throw caution to the winds by releasing a list of my favorite biker movies. Some of the movies on my list are considered by many enthusiasts to be classic films. In reality though there have only been a few good biker pictures made. The common thread running through most motorcycle flicks is that the acting is amateur or just plain corny and the film budget is low.

In order to make my movie list an American V-twin motorcycle must have appeared in the movie and played an important part in the story line. As an added bonus, I have included the actors that stared in these movies. Interestingly some of these relatively unknown performers went on to fame and glory in later films.

Some of the movies I have selected are available at your local video rental stores and libraries. Others are available through catalogs and by searching the Internet for sites that deal in this particular genre.

I know that if you are reading this publication you are well educated and informed. Iím sure that you have an excellent job with a six figure income. That means that you probably have a lot of free time on your hands. So why not cuddle up with big momma and a couple of cases of suds and pop one of these films into the old video player.
Dr. Gizmo Doodadís 10 all time favorite motorcycle movies
They are presented in the order of the year in which they were released

The preceding list is of my personal 10 best of the worst favorites. It is presented here for amusement purposes only and does not endorse, condone or encourage anti-social behavior. I was subject to the prolonged expose to these films for years. Iím sure they are what caused me to grow into a well adjusted tax payer and a mature responsible adult who just happens to ride a chopper.
*Dr. Gizmo Doodad holds a degree in Faux Erudition MC Sciences from the prestigious Urban School of Hard Knox. He is a non-practicing clinical physiologist and senior lecturer. He can be contacted via cyberspace at

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