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OK OK OK I'll tell ya' it's a 44 inches over, yes its legal and yes its been ridden. But before I get into all that I gotta tell the story from the start. I met Scotty Watts, the current owner of this illustration in overkill a few years back. He was working as an auto wrench and we had several mutual friends. Scott's a big man, a power lifter, ex Pro Wrestler and he's got a ton of great stories. We used to see each other at lunch and talk shop. Scott had a mild custom softail. One night someone figured they needed it worse than he did, so Scott was bikeless. We were all sittin around the local pizza joint one day when Scotty pipes up and says he's gonna put up a chopper. I glanced at him, a glazed look covered his face like a man about to climb Mt. Everest. He had a vision! He shoved a crumpled hunk of news print across the table to me. Smack dab in the middle of the piece of paper, next to the drool stains above the finger prints was an add for a rolling chassis chopper. Not just any chopper but an authentic '70s long bike.
Whatiya think? He asks. Me and "Chopper Mike Davis" were all over it I mean "WOW." Chopper Mike knew this frame, about a 12" stretch was done by Bill Daun of Daun Engineering. Cut work was completed around '74 or so. Scott used to work out with Bill, small world. One of the guys said you can't ride that! Look at it! The debate started. The added controversy fueled the chopper fire under Scotty's soon to be hardtail butt! In no time at all the rolling frame was in the Watts workshop for mockup. The old Knuck frame needed alittle touchup welding. The front end needed new bushings and springs. A back fender was fabed and the tank got some attention. Rosco of H.B.R. North was called in to build a new Shovel/Pan of 96 inch variety. Stormy Custom Bike Works did the final wire and fire bit. When it came time for paint Scotty told me he wanted Red, White and blue, and the blue had to be almost black. "Something Fonda would dig!" So this is what we came up with. This wicked scooter has won about a dozen shows including a first place in this years Donnie Smith Invitational. The bike has also won some extra awards for being most radical. I had to ask Scott if that last "most radical" was for him or the bike, he just smiled and flexed one of those 

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Tech Sheet





Scott Watts
2000 Recon
SS Pan/Shovel by Rosco
4 speed jockey shift
Knuckle Hardtail
Stretch by Bill Daun
44" over by Bill Daun

Red, White, Pearl Blue
By Wizard Custom Studios
P.M. Rear No Front


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