Milwaukee Biker Bars
A book review by
by Dr. Doodad

As we all know Milwaukee is famous for two things: bikes and beer. So, why not put these bring these two elements together and double the fun. Well, that's just what two long time biker dudes familiar with this area have done.

I just got my copy of Milwaukee Biker Bars by Kenn and Chuck Hartman. As the name suggests this book is a guide to the best biker friendly bars in Milwaukee. As an added bonus it also includes 9 counties located in the southeastern portion of Wisconsin.

The books index lists 146 bars by which county they are located in. Color pictures of the featured bars and their local patrons fill the books 118 pages. Notes of interest and what to expect when you walk through the doors of most of the watering holes will help you decide where to point your front wheel on the upcoming weekends. The 5" x 8" paperback book fits neatly into your saddle bags or tool pouch.

There is a place in Allen's Grove called the Boar's Nest that has a full size replica of the General Lee Dodge Charger on the roof. From some unusual out of the way spots to saloons, taverns, and inns closer to home you'll find joints with great atmosphere and good food.

With spring now upon us this book makes a great companion for planning club activities like; poker runs, parties, and BBQ. It's great for scheduling an outstanding day of barhopping due to the 9 maps included. These maps pinpoint the biker bars in the City of Milwaukee and the other surrounding counties.

For those of you who cruise the Chicagoland area the Hartman's have compiled the guide to Chicago Biker Bars. Both of these guide books are published by Spirit Bear Publishing. The ISBN is 1-889401-26-9.

More information about Milwaukee Biker Bars can be found at their website at Either of the books can be ordered online or send a check or money order for $11.95 each to: Biker Bars, PO Box 243, Bensenville, IL 60106

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