Biker's Names
By Bingo

I've known ten thousand bikers- No two I'd say the same-
And I always wondered one thing-how in the hell he got his name!
I've known a dozen "Spiders" and "Wild Bills" a dozen more!
`Crazy` this and ` Crazy` that and bigs and Littles by the score!
I knew a `Rocker` and `Burrito` a `Weasel` and a `Frog`,
A `Goat` a `Bear` an `Animal`- A `Tiger` and a `Hawg`.
`Monster`,`Buzzard`,`Turkey`,- A `Hawk`, `Duck` and` Goose`.
A` Polack`, `Dago`, `Wop`,-A `Rat`,`Pig` and `Moose`.
There's a `Yankee`, `Rebel`, `Comrade`, `Flapper` and a `Tank`,
`Boonie`, `Junkyard`, `Rabbi`-`Dirty Doyle` and `Crank`.
There's `Two Dog Joe` and `Freebird`- a `Butcher` and a`Flash`,
`Stoneface`, `Bandit` an `Itchy`,`Pinch` and `Top` and `Splash`,
`Pirate John` and `Cowboy`,-`Hundred Proof` and `Dirty Dan`
`Stairway Harry`, `Jingles`, `Hitler`, `Skull` and `Pan`
`Preacher`, `Keg`, `Claim Jumper`, `Meek` and `SunnyDay`-
`Taco`, `Maggot`,`Maverick`, a `Renegade` and `Clay`.
There's `Joe the Jag` and `Kingfish`, a `One Eye` and a `Brew`,
A `Wizard`, `Suicide` and `Killer`-a `Tiny` and a `Heavy` too.
I've known a couple they call `Dynomite` and `Gypsy`? at least a score!
And `Stitch` and `Tramp` and `Country` would make a dozen more!
But there are some that really blow my mind! That really puzzle me-
`Douche Bag`, `Bug`,`Nasty-`Bum`, `Gangrene` and one `V.D`!
`Barf`, `Skidrow`, Pervert`,` Dickless`, `Weird` and `Crud`,
`Vulture`, `Repo`, `Dog Breath` a `Dirt`, a `Slime`, a `mud`!
I know a `Rotten` and a `Scumbag`,`Gargoyle` and a `Worm`-
A `Dickhead`,`Z.Z`.,` Lousy`, a `Filth` and a `Germ`.
`Greased Lightning`, `Shock`,- a `Mad`, a `Freak`, a `Turd`-
and for everyone that I forgot-There's two I have'nt heard!
I could go on for hours- but I'll bet you know a few--
I know how I got My name--now stop and think--DO YOU?

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