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How to Determine "The Look" You Want

  One item of widespread confusion between the custom buyer and builder is an uncertainty as to exactly how long his extended fork will be. It may be close to what he needs, but a difference in two will be. It may be close to what he needs, but a difference in two inches or so either way can make a major change in the looks and performance of an otherwise carefully designed scoot.

  Trying to decide what length of fork, size of wheel, and the amount of rake can be a pain in the neck, so we have compiled some figures for you that should make it a little easier. With the rear wheel and tire you're going to use installed on the frame, remove the fork and block the bottom of your frame until you have the height you want. Then get out your tape measure and play with some numbers until you come up with the combination you like. We have included a chart below to show what lengths our springers are (size = length in inches). To determine what length of fork tube to use for a stock tubular fork, measure the stock fork with weight on it before removing. For example, if your stock fork is 20 inches from the bottom cup the center of the axle, and if after playing around with tire sizes, height, and so forth, you determine that you need 29 inches between the cup and the axle, you would order a 9 inches over stock set of tubes for your bike.
3 23
6 26
9 29
12 32
15 35
18 38
300x16 11 22
250x18 11 5/8 23 1/4
275x18 11 3/4 23 1/2
300x18 12 24
275x19 12 1/4 24 1/2
300x19 12 1/2 25
325x19 13 26
275x21 12 3/4 25 1/2
300x21 13 26
500x16 12 7/8 25 3/5
500x18 13 26
400x18 13 1/4 26 1/2
400x19 13 3/4 27 1/2

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