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Tom Dix, owner and operator of Dixie Custom and Auto in Appleton and Shiocton WI is one guy that goes after what he wants. After many years of running other business's and selling bikes since '89, he opened the doors at Dixie in '99. This shop is not your typical shop! With a full bar and rec room upstairs that you can relax in and have a good time while you wait. And yes for the ladies, Tom's wife Tina sells Avon from the upper level also.

One story Tom told me is that way back when, he wanted to borrow $4000 from his dad with a corvette for collateral. His Dad said there was no way he was going to borrow him that kind of money. Well he found the money and the rest is history.

All the bikes that Dixie builds are built from the frame up, with parts from the likes of Harley, Drag Specialty, Custom Chrome and Paul Yaffe. The goal Tom told me is to make all the bikes that leave the shop different in one way or another from all the other customs on the road. With 2 full time and 2 part time employees he keeps the bikes rolling out.

One little tidbit that Tom told me was that just because a bike is legal according to State Patrol or some other agency, it may not be legal in your town (so remember next time your revving up them Yaffe pipes). Tom also explained to me that all customs used to be titled HD, as of Oct 2002 are now registered "Home made".

I'm thinking that with all the custom bikes out there, the market will be picking up big time in the near future. 
Check Dixie out at either store. 

PS: Dixie also sells used cars

Dixie Custom and Auto 


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