Camp Confidence/ M.D.A. Charity Run

Once again, Brainerd International Raceway hosts some of the biggest and best events in the Brainerd area. When Jim Christensen, a 20 year plus rider, and Jesse, of American Hardcore Customs of Brainerd approached them on the idea of hosting a charity ride on the same weekend of their big race, they were all for it. The ride benefited Camp Confidence and the Muscular Dystrophy Associations Northern Chapter. With over 250 motorcycles showing up in what I thought was one of the hottest days of the summer just shows how important these two organizations are in the Brainerd area and the state of Minnesota. Camp Confidence is located on Sylvan Lake in East Gull Lake Minn. They’re privately funded by raising their own monies or by good-hearted people raising money for them, like in this case.  They are a year round camp for people with developmental disabilities of all ages and gender. They have been in business for 34 years and they have never turned anyone away for lack of funding. NEVER! On average 4,262 people per year enjoy a camping
experience and we’re looking at 12,600 days per year put in by staff, some of it volunteer. These hours increase yearly and there is no question as to how important this service is to the people who use it. For information contact Jeff Olson (director) or Ray Ricci (special events) at the camp or go to
The Muscular Dystrophy Association is a highly recognizable name you hear a lot around Labor Day and on the Jerry Lewis telethon. This is a huge organization and the money raised on Labor Day is never going to be enough to go around. They are currently running M.D.A. Clinic and Support Groups in the northern Minnesota area. This is the first time these two organizations have teamed up for a fundraiser and hopefully in won’t be the last. Harley Davidson has also stepped up to the plate and added their support to the M.D.A. and are using their name to help raise funds for the M.D.A. So watch for Harley sponsored events in your area. Michelle M. Mike is the local Program Coordinator and can be reached @ 218-727-3466 or
So finally to the people who organized this event at B.I.R. and to all the people who helped out (there's not enough room to name you all),   Dam Good Job. To Jesse who blew up the sweet red, white and blue bike that was pictured on the April issue 2003 Free Riders Press by doing burn outs at Camp Confidence for the campers, All I can say is....Sorry, but dam, wasn't it a good time?”

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