Jim's Custom Scoots

  We've all seen American Chopper and the effort it takes to create a custom. These bikes have all the glitz, glimmer and shine with one other factor added in " a high price". Who's got $50- 100 grand for a bike, Not Me! 
  Last year while attending VNVMC's Summer Twister, I caught a glimpse of a bike that was getting some major attention. This bike had the look of a modern day EasyRiders. With my jaw hanging on the ground I went over to check it out. After looking this bad boy over it became apparent that this was not off a showroom floor. This bike was meant to be ridden! 
  This builder has only been riding harleys for 6 years, graduating from the seats of crotch rockets while living in California. How does a guy get into building bikes after that you might ask yourself. Well after moving to Wisconsin Jim bought a 1200 sporty and decided it was too ordinary. So being an iron worker picked up a bender, welder  and tools he needed and set out to build something no one else had. What he came up with was a 130 h.p custom that included nitrous. After everyone liked what Jim had done with his first bike, he set out to build this cover bike. Only taking 6 months from start to finish, in an unheated garage in the middle of winter. "Keeps the visitors to a minimum" Jim says jokingly. Creating everything from the gas tank to the pegs, Jim is not your normal builder. No bolt on parts, minimal chrome, everything is hand made, from scratch.
  These bikes do not have the high glitter quality of some of the builders, but as Jim put's it "you can actually enjoy riding this bike, and turn a lot of heads at the same time." While making runs to places like Algoma every year on one of his creations, you can be rest assured  Jim has faith in his ability to make a reliable kick ass custom. After catching a quick look at his next bike, well you'll just have to wait and see this one!
  So if your looking for something different, give Jim's Custom Scoots a call 414-640-2323, I think you will be impressed.

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