First Thursday
A real Bone Shaker
  On the first Thursday of every month a crazy little happenin' occurs at "Dulonos Pizza" in Minneapolis. I'm talking about the most diverse and wacky gathering of motorcycles I've ever seen! Oh sure! There's the usual line-up of American bikes and clones. Then there's the big four Asian manufacturers have to offer. But then you start to notice other monikers you haven't seen lately and some home brew barn jobs to boot! How about a Briggs and Stratton Chopper? or a motoguzzi cafe racer complete with a handmade gas tank!! This event started as a Norton Owners Club meeting. Now those boys are pretty cool and they've got some fine examples of the Limey paint shaker! I used to have one myself (an 850 Commando that was a little faster than its brakes but that's another story) Notice: its Norton "Owners", not Norton "riders" club, so ya could bring anything to the meetin'! Well of course a few Triumphs, BSA's, BMW's and the like started arriving. Then some choppers, Bobbers and 
other customer specials started showing up too. Now it's grown so big the original Norton Club is so dwarfed by all the rest of the hoopla they don't even have the summer meetings there anymore! Find a city of Minneapolis map. Look for the corner of Lake Street and Lyndale Avenue. That's where its at on the first Thursday evening of every month ...rain, shine or snow! The place, Dulonos Pizza has great food and drink (612-827-1726  607 W Lake St). They've been there since 1957 and have all kinds of Italian food, with light and dark beer on tap. Bikes started showing up at 4:00 but the comings and goings last till well after dark. As you cruze to Dulonos you will see lots of scoots of all types getting thicker as you get closer. Then the smell of pizza and exhaust fumes will put you on auto pilot! By 7:00 (in the summer months) expect to see between 300 and 600 motorcycles! No Kiddin'!! There is also a handful of hotrod cars and weird powered stuff like a motorcycle powered lounge chair or a rocket powered toilet. Well there you have it, from Ariels to Zundaps! Cream of the crop? I don't know if I'd go that far... but something is definitely rising to the top at First Thursday!

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