Meet the Knucklehead Company!!

When you go to a party or benefit, do you check out the rides? I DO! What do you see? A lot of nice, shiny bikes that seem to be fairly new. After moving to Central WI from Milw the one thing I noticed was the amount of old H-D's showing up at these events. After attending a few of these events I started asking around and finally found the reason there are so many old bikes around. It turns out there is a riding club that runs with the name Knucklehead Company. After talking with some of the members, I decided it would be really interesting to do a history on these guys. So here goes:

The Knucklehead Company was founded Jan 7, 1977 by 7 guys in Kellner, WI. The purpose of the club was, according to article #2 of our club constitution; to serve as a medium of exchange concerning information, parts and knowledge for owners of the H-D 1936-1947 OHV motorcycle known as the "Knucklehead." "We wanted people to know us as a riding & collecting club, but mostly a riding club." says Kevin

The club started with 7 members and with in 2 months had 7 prospects. To date, only 1 original and 2 original prospects are left. At one time in the history when membership was high, "We had every year Knuck except 1943, and they were all Ridden." In 1985 we met a few Knuckleheads in Sioux Falls, S.D and shortly after that, one was a perspective member of our club. Before long, we had a chapter in Sioux Falls which consisted of 4 members which has since grown to 7. In '92-97 our membership peaked at 28. Now it's at 16 with 2 prospects including S.D's chapter. In 1982 we set up a rendezvous in Sturgis that consisted of 14 of our bikes and 16 other Knucks from around the country.

In 1987-95 the Company ran a '47 Knuck hillclimber. The motor was purchased from Ray Nienfeldt who ran the motor to many hill records. We put it in a half Suzuki and half knuck frame, made a few other original parts and went out and broke a few bones of our own.

We used to do a very successful Bike Rodeo until membership ran low, but the Company is starting it up this year again. So keep July 31 open!!!! Another date to keep in mind is the Knucklehead Rendezvous to be held the weekend of July 4th, at the Oxbo Resort in Oxbo, WI. Public Welcome.

A few side notes:

Over the years the Knucklehead Co. has held many fund raising events for Make-A-Wish foundation and distressed club members, family and friends.

We have always been a self sufficient club with our own engine and trans expert, paint&buffing expert and everyone else knowing how to get bikes built.

We celebrate our anniversary every year, the first Sat of Jan with live music, wild game feed and lots of beer.

We also have 3 members wives that ride there own bikes. A '41 stock, '45 stock and a '47 custom.

So if your ever out and about and run into one of the Knucklehead Co. members say hi, they are really interesting to talk to.

For My Brothers
To know the strength of something so good
it can only be described by the word "brotherhood".
It's a feeling of loyalty that nothing can match
and it comes with the responsibility of wearing a patch.
It's class and it's honor, it's heart and it's pride
That makes us all ride to live, and all live to ride.
To be a brother you can rely on, by this code I am governed,
to ride at your side and to keep your back covered.
( A brother who takes as much as he gives
is one who lives to ride, and one who rides to live.)
So the next time you fly down the highway
as fast as your knuckle will run
like an eagle that's diving, straight out of the sun
remember, by our brother hood we shall always be tied.
May you always ride to live----for we all live to ride.

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