My Brothers
By "Keg"

On August 30th of 2000 I wrecked out on my chopper in a near fatal
accident. I crashed going around 120 miles per hour on a back road going
from Berlin to Ureaka. I ended up in Berlin Memorial Hospital where I was
stabilized and then flight for life to Theda Clark Medical Center in Neenah
WI, where I spent the next few weeks. When I finally came to, who's the
first person I see, "Comrad" standing there big as life barking orders at the medical staff.
After I was moved out of intensive care, my Brothers were there religiously
to the dislike of the medical staff. Putting me in a wheel chair to go out
for a smoke, plastering porn pics all over my room and many other things I'd rather not say.
Finally the day of release came, and who was there to take care of me, (my
brother "Maggot". Later that day we were sitting on my front porch having a
smoke when suddenly Maggot got up and disappeared around the side of the
house and returned with my wheelchair. He helped me down into the chair and
started walking me down the street at which time I asked were we going.
Maggot answered me by saying it's a surprise. Next thing I know we were
rolling up to the neighborhood bar. It was great! Maggot watched over me
like a hawk not letting any citizen get to close to me. Over the next few
months, there was several similar incidents to that night.
My brothers were there for me standing strong!
Unfornunatly I'm currently in prison on a four year bit but thats another
story. Anyway you guessed it my brothers are still there for me Standing as
Strong as ever! I can't even begin to explain how much Love-N-Respect I have
for my brothers or how much they all mean to me. But I know they'll always
have my back and I'll always have theirs.
"Keg" Z.M.C.

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