Busted Wrench Special

As many of you know, I Bruce Bush, own and operate Wizard Custom Studios. I share my shop with Stormy Custom Bike Works, Scott Storms Proprietor. As a team we have produced some very cool rides together. I learned a long time ago that playing off ones strengths and allowing others to do the same makes for amazing results.

Being a shop owner leaves little time for workin’’ on my own bike. I was ridin’ a rat ‘80 sporty. The bike ran good but looked like heck. One day the tail light wires shorted out. Seeing as I hate wiring I asked Stormy if he would give me a hand fixing it. After about two minutes on the lift he figured out the wiring had several other problems as well as the tail light. He said the back fender would have to come off. I said maybe it’s time to clean up and paint the ol’’ sporty. He asked why I even thought of working on this piece of sh*t!! He then offered some help to transform the ugly duckling into the swan. I had been collecting parts for about five years. I had an old Jammer frame, a 6" over twisted springer, a spool front hub, a king and queen seat, an old sissy bar I got as a tip, a cool peace sign tail ight, and an assortment of other do dads in my magic parts room.

A plan was put in place. A three week time limit (hey, I had a wedding to go to), a ten dollar budget (what, ya think I’m made out of money? We went lover on this one), and an idea of a no bull raw chopper. To say it snow balled is an understatement-more like a James Bond car on fire rollin’ down a hill toward a bus full of nuns. A lot of “Hey that would look cool” and as Stormy says “mise a wellys”. You know, misa well do a top end. Mise a well make a custom tail light mount or the now infamous “Hey I got some old wrenches and some stainless steel, I then make a artsy fartsy battery box! Prolly won’t take more n’ a couple hours! HA! To make a long story short, we did it!

Thanks to all
Remember...Fall is just a cold summer
 At a glance:  
 Year:  1980
 Model:  Harley-Davidson
 Frame:  1970 Jammer
 Stretch:  2 up 2 out

 Here's a list of all who helped:
 Paint & Body work:  Yours truly @ Wizard Custom Studios
 Cool Wiring and final assembly:  Scott Storms @ Stormy Custom Bike Works
 Chief in charge of hacksaw:  Hans Boese
 Bracketry and Mounting,
 also wrench holding, sandpaper slingin' and ink:
Tim Jewett @ Low Tech Tattoos
 The pretty welds and mockup:  Mark (Bear) Berger @ Marks Welding and Metal Fab
 Head of Indiana Jonesin' Vintage Parts:  Ken Kunke @ "Down by Law"
 Valve and adjusting and midnight oil lamp lighter:  Mark Schimke @ Second Shift Customs and Approachables
 Captain put it together take it apart put it together:  Bryant Cannon
 Broken Wrench Brackets:  Wiz
 C.E.O. of mise-a-wellys and motor work:  Stormy

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