After talking to Wendy about organ donation, I decided that this might be of interest to all of you.

The Story of Organ Donation
Did you ever go to a memorial party for a brother or sister  that you have
laid to rest ? Do you remember how you felt ? You maybe thought to yourself
how special that person was . Or  what a legacy  that person has left
behind. You maybe even wondered what you could ever do to be remembered in
such a capacity as that person.
Have  you ever considered organ donation?
Well, I know  from personal experience just how organ donation has impacted
my life.  Through the generous and selfless act of organ donation, I will be
able to continue to live a very rich and now healthy life. I received a new
liver in August of 1999. There is no greater legacy that you could bestow
upon a person.
I can't stress enough the importance of discussing this decision with your
family, because ultimately, they will be asked to carry out the most
important wish  anyone could ask for. I have heard people say that they were
afraid to sign their driver's license for several reasons. I'm here to tell
you a couple of misconceptions about the donation process.
1." If I sign my driver's license and I get into an accident, the paramedics
and doctors will not try to save my life."
2." I signed my driver's license so that means they  HAVE TO  take my organs."
Both of these statements couldn't be further from the truth. First of  all,
doctors and paramedics are in the business of saving lives not  taking them.
Secondly, just signing your driver's license is NOT enough. You must discuss
this with your family. Your family can still reject the idea when  it is
presented to them. Remember, they are in a grieving process and if not
discussed in detail, they become unsure of  what's being asked of them at
such a crucial time.
Most people at the time of loss become stressed, confused and just  plain
scared of what is to happen in that situation. Your family , with your
discussion and education , will find out just how much organ donation can
transform this time of  sorrow into a beautiful and everlasting gift for
someone who is in great need .I not only received the gift of life, but also
gained new friends along the way. I have met my donor's family, and couldn't
have imagined meeting nicer people. We have remained in touch to this very
day. We have shared everything from memories to milestones. My liver came
from a young man named Shawn. Shawn's parents, Jeanne and Ron have become
family to me. They tell me he was a great guy. He left behind a beautiful
little boy named Tre. [pronounced Tray] They have been there for me since we
met. They even attended my wedding when I became married to my husband Dan.
As a matter of fact, Shawn's sister Tonya, stood up as a bridesmaid. How
cool that was !! Well, that's my story, I hope you have enjoyed it and I
hope it has given you something to think about.

God's Speed
Wendy A. Henning ZMC- " Giggles"  wife
In loving memory of Shawn Mayberry  Aug.24,1973- Aug.19,1999

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