By: Bingo

The names places and dates have been changed - to protect the GUILTY!

'Little Al' was riding his bike and 4 punks in a car started calling him names. He just gave them 'the finger' and rode on. But these street-gang punks kept it up. Little Al figured the best way to lose them would be to turn off on a side-street and pretend that he was home. But that didn't work! They turned too - and forced his bike to the curb - causing him to lay it down! Then they jumped him! They beat him to a bloody pulp! They blackened both eyes, broke his jaw, broke several ribs and did a lot of damage to his bike.

He was in the hospital a week and lost his job because he wasn't able to work. The cops took his bike to the impound lot and Little Al had two of his club brothers go get it with their pick-up truck. His brothers had it fixed and ready for him when he went home from the hospital.

The cops knew who beat him up-but there was nobody that would stand up and be a witness in that neighborhood because that street gang had them all terrified. Little Al couldn't pick any of them out in the photos the cops showed him. The law could do nothing.

A few months later - Little Al bought a 'boom-box' radio and he opened the carton it came in real carefully. He took that 'boom-box' apart and packed every square inch that he could - with C-4 - a plastic explosive. He also installed an electric detonator and wired the on-off switch to it. Then he re-packed that 'boom-box' in that same carton it came in and glued it shut to look like it had never been opened. Now the radio didn't come with batteries, but it had an electric cord that would plug into and electric outlet.

Little Al had found out from the cops where this street gang's 'clubhouse' was. They had it in the basement of one of their member's houses. Let's say that he shipped it there by U.P.S. - because how it got delivered there makes no difference.

To make a long story shorter - there was 4 of them there that afternoon when it was delivered and when they opened the carton, they took that 'boom-box' out - plugged it in - and turned it on. You could say that the 'boom-box' lived up to it's name! It went BOOM!

From what it looked like after it blew up - all 4 of them must have been crowded around to hear how it played. One cop described the scene as: "The place was a MESS! All four bodies were in pieces!

Yeah, you can learn a lot things - like Little Al did - when you serve your country in the army and spend time a place like Viet Nam - where the enemy made bombs like that and you had to dismantle them.

I'd like to say that this story has a lesson for 'tough guys': Don't mess with the Viet Nam vets!! (Of course you know this story is fiction!)

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