We have all heard of the Old Biker/New Biker arguments, well here is one from
the old school I thought you might like:

Here is a quiz I made up to seperate the real fom the rub,
no cheating lol...

1. What shares the living space with your bike
  A. The living room furniture, Wife and kids(keep it in the house)
  B. Piles of old bike parts, misc tools, stacks of old easy riders and playboy magizines
 C. A porsche,mercedes benz, hummer, callaway golfclubs, fully restored 1936 jaguar....etc
2. Your bike....
  A. Was put together from parts bought at swap meets but runs good (a real rat)
  B. Is all one year and model but the odometer has flipped and has a lot of creative fixes to keep it on the road.
  C. Paid for and still under warranty, or a 2 yr old large tourning bike with less than 3000 miles.
3. Your riding gear.....
  A. Consists of the basics: comfortable pair of jeans, leather jacket, helmet if applicable, and a good pair of boots.
  B. All of the above plus a pair of decent chaps and gloves.
 C. All your gear has the name of your bike manufacturer plastered all over it (underwear included), 2 way   helmet radios,stereos, cd players, gloves with built in hand warmers, rain suits, helmets made by
european fashion designers.
4.Keeping it going.....
   A. Can rebuild the top end on the side of the road with just the tools in your handlebar tool bag.
   B. Can be McGuyver and wrap an old Piece of garden hose around the rim replace the tire and make it home
in a pinch
   C. Call the local bike shop when broke down on side of road when mechanic arrives he turns on the  fuel and starts the bike in 3 seconds.
5. Heart.....
   You are headed down the highway and see a bike broke down on the shoulder do you....
   A. Pull over and try to help even if it means you will be late to meet up with the pack for your run
   B. Pull over and try to help if you can and at least hang around long enough to get a phone number to call
for them
   C. wave and keep going
6. Heart part 2......
   You are having a beer in a watering hole and a fellow rider is getting hassled  by 3 locals do you....
   A. Immediately stand with the other rider to at least try to even the odds (3 on 2 is better than 3 on 1).
   B. Stay out of it unless all 3 jump him at one time then make your prescence known by clocking one
   C. Pay for your drink and leave him on his own its not your problem
7. Looking out for your brothers.......
  You are in the process of totaly re-building your bike and are about 4 months away from firing it up.
There is a poker run that weekend and your riding buddy's carb took a shit. do you...
  A. Take the new one you just installed the night before off your bike and spend next 3 hrs installing and
tuning it on his so he can make the run.
  B. Give him the old one and tell him it aint great but it works and it will get ya there and back.
  C. Tell him too bad but my builder tells me mine will be done in a couple of months
8. The weekend run.........
   Your pack is making about a 200 mile weekend run up to the mountains, half way there a bro and
his lady's bike takes a crap on the side of the road. There is a dealership with the parts at the next exit,
but the part will take all the cash they had for the run leaving nothing to party on. do you.......
  A. Hand them the extra c-note you had stashed to buy your lady that
   suprise new pair of riding boots and tell them pay me back when you can.
  B. Let them bunk with you if all are staying in a motel, and picking up
   the tab for meals and beer. No one gets left behind if possible.
  C. Tell them that you will take lots of pics and tell them you will tell
   them all about it when you get home.
9. The Major Rally's........(Sturgis & Daytona)
   It is time for Sturgis or Daytona How do you get there? do you......
  A. Pack up the bike and ride in
  B. Pack up the bike and ride in
  C. Have bike shipped and fly in with bike waiting at airport or transport in a fully enclosed
trailer pulled by a 50,000.00 suv
10. Body art......
    A. Tattoo's on you have meaning of lost friends, time in jail, etc......
    B.  Tattoo's on you have no meaning other than they looked cool at the time.
    C.  Just the stick on kind

Ok now count up your answers what ever letter you have the most of are tells if you are a bro or a rub.
A answers = you are a true ambassador of the road, bro's like this come along
once or twice in a lifetime if you are one or know one count yourselfblessed.
B answers= You are a true brother at heart, you look out for your friends
and treat them like family even if you never met them. You are 90% of the
bikers out there .
C answers= You are a rub no if's and's or but's about it.
If you have one from the New Biker viewpoint send it in, I would be
interested in seeing it.

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