Wisconsin Harley-Davidson 2004 Open House

During the 4th of July weekend, the family headed to Milwaukee for my families annual picnic held out in Kettle Moraine. Since there is a ton of things to do every weekend we ended up at Wisconsin H-D's 10th Anniversary party. After walking around and taking some pics of different bikes and people I finally tracked down the owner "Artie" of the trike on this month's cover. Now a bike does not have to be old or all chromed out, but it does have to have some character. This bike caught my eye immediately. This bike is called a "Rewaco". Built in Germany this trike is a 2002 vw powered "chopper series" putting out some pretty good ponies. While talking to Artie of Watertown, WI he told me that there are not very many of these bikes around, only a handful in the Midwest. Check out the site www.rewaco.com or the US dealer at www.rewaco-trikes.com for more on these eye catching trikes, like the HS5 Family or the HS6 V-twin models. If you ever get to see one up close do it, this trike is worth the time. As you all have noticed the name Wisconsin H-D has come up often in this rag. Well to tell you the truth Cass and the team at this dealership have really gone out of there way to help me out with stories you all like to read about. So in turn I attend and cover as many funtions as I can. The 10th Anniversary party being no exception. With some great weather, food, vendors and music by multiple bands like the "Sociables" we had a really fun time. So if your in the neighborhood, stop in and say hi. www.wishd.com PS: Watch for the new Wisconsin H-D opening in Oconomowoc in the spring of 2005

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