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Automatic anyone!
  Up until this last year I was unaware of many fully automatic motorcycles. That is till I ran into James of Twin City Ridley at the Donnie Smith Bike Show at the Excel Energy building in St. Paul back in march. Since then I have seen quite a few of these bikes on the road, and the popularity is growing. Ridley Motorcycle Company is one of many motorcycle manufacturers that arose from the motorcycle craze of the 1990's, but with one very sizable difference. The first Ridley was 3/4's the size of a full size Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The uniqueness of size and uncompromised quality sparked market interest and a company that continues to innovate.
  In 1997, Clay Ridley set out to build an ultra high quality, assembly line built motorcycle. With all the dozens of manufacturers arriving on the scene that year, Ridley decided to build a motorcycle that would captivate the market. He did this with the first "Compact Cruiser".  Today, Ridley Motorcycle Company is still producing the compact versions with the addition of a full size, 700cc, automatic motorcycle that is quickly gaining popularity and selling out in dealerships. 
  In the first production year, Clay decided to project a conservative production schedule of 120 units. Ridley Motorcycles managed to secure dealership locations throughout the U.S. and has interest overseas. The Ridley Motorcycle engine was
EPA tested and passed with flying colors without any additional equipment. The test also revealed the engine to be within the specs required for the California Emissions Standards set out by the C.A.R.B. Clay exceeded the goal and went on to manufacture and deliver 160 units by the end of the first years production. 
  Now in the fourth year of production, Ridley Motorcycle Company is growing and increasing awareness of its products. Early this year, Ridley debuted its new BIGGER bike with a new 700cc Ridley V-Twin engine and yes, it's still AUTOMATIC. Quite a stir has been made and sales in his first two months have exceeded the first five month of 2002 of the compact cruisers. Time will only tell the future of Ridley, but thus far, business is fantastic. It's a great time to become a member of the Ridley history by buying a Ridley today. 
  The future is automatic for Ridley and with more and more innovative ideas fresh in Clay Ridley's mind, you've only seen the beginning for the US based motorcycle company. For more info on the Ridley Motorcycle Give a call to these two Premiere Ridley Dealers. Twin City Ridley of Minnesota www.twincityridley.com.
  At age twelve (1964), an Oklahoma City born young man asked his father to borrow $50 to build a car (from scratch). Either by having an understanding father or maybe just begging enough, Clay got his money and went to work. Less than a year later Clay Ridley, 13 years old, had built his own chassis and was ready for a body to put on this beast. The only body that would fit on this custom wheelbase was an MGA body. Clay installed the body, wired it up and was ready to roll in his very own built car that probably only weighed 1000 pounds and was powered by the Cobra 427 Ford engine. Needless to say, the car did wheelies in all 4 gears. 
  Clay Ridley graduated from John Marshall High School in Oklahoma City in 1970 and enrolled at Oklahoma State University. After two semesters of college, he left OSU and joined his father and brother in the Oklahoma Livestock Commission Company, the family's 75 year old livestock brokerage business located at the Oklahoma City Stockyards.
  Since 1978 Clay has started and ran a successful trucking company, built his own helicpter business "with out ever learning to fly one first," to designing a custom machine to weld polypropylene rope together for a new method of making a shoe sole.  With that being just the tip of the iceberg for this genius. For the rest of his acheivements check out  www.ridleymotorcycles.com
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