The Decoy
By Bingo

Maverick  staggered out of the bar and was about to get on his bike and
leave the bar, but saw this cop sitting a half  block down the street. It
looked like he was waiting for someone who had a little to much to drink and
was waiting for them to pull out. He went back into the bar and let all the
brothers know-and for them to watch out. Well one brother (Slim) who did not
drink and was always sober said"I'll get rid of him, and then you guys all
split." Then Slim went out to the parking lot, fired up his scoot as the
guys all watched, as he let out the clutch and killed the motor. He fired it
up and did the same thing as he was pretending to be drunk. He finally
pulled out of the parking lot, turned right as he passed the cop. The cop
waited a moment, made a u turn and went after him. He didn't turn on his
lights right away, for he didn't want the others in the bar to see him pull slim over.
I guess it was about a half mile down the road around a curve that Slim saw
the cop put on his lights and he pulled over. The cop asked for his drivers
license, Slim fumbled for and finally found his wallet and stalled while
looking for his license as he finally got it out and handed it to the cop.
The officer looked at the license and asked Slim,"How much he had to drink
tonight?" to which Slim replied "Nothing officer, I am diabetic and am on Insulin, I can't drink at all."
The cop seeing that he was perfectly sober and knowing he hadn't committed
any traffic violations, handed Slim his license back and was about to head
back to his spot to get the next guy, but Slim stopped and asked,"Why did
you stop me officer?" The cop stammered something about him drinking to
which he asked, "what did I do to suggest that?" By this time the cop was
getting aggravated, so he told Slim, Just Get on your bike and get the hell out of here! Slim did just that.
Now by the time the cop made another u turn and headed back, as he passed
the bars parking lot he saw that ALL the bikes were GONE. The lot was EMPTY,
Damn he muttered to himself "I fell for the old Designated Decoy trick!"

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