The Hypnotist
by Bingo

Many people that know me, know that I can hold an 8 pound sledge hammer at
arms length and touch my nose with the head of the hammer without bending my
elbow.  Yeah, that's pretty good for an old man of 78.  Anyway, in the
'Little River Inn' this night I had my son Hippy with me and he can do it
also.  Big John Hagar - the owner - wanted to see if this big strong
loudmouth biker at the bar was as strong as he wanted everyone to think he
was, so he had 'Hippy' show this guy how he could do it.  The big
'blow-hard' took that sledge hammer, held it at arms length, started to
bring it back -and WHOP!  That hammer came down on his nose!  Big John -
after seeing that his nose wasn't broken, then told this big guy that he was
a hypnotist and that he could hypnotize a person and that they could be able
to do what he couldn't with that sledge hammer - touch their nose with it.
Of course the big guy didn't believe that - so he told big John to prove
it.  Big John looked around the bar and pointed to me and told him:  "I will
hypnotize that old man sitting there - and I'll bet you $20.00 that the old
man will be able to do what you couldn't - touch his nose with the
hammer-head and then straighten it back up again."
The guy took one look at this 78 year old, gray bearded guy and slapped his
$20.00 bill on the bar.  Big John put his up, then walked over to me with the hammer.
Looking at me - (almost laughing out loud_ - he waved his hands in front of
my face and mumbled:- "You are getting strong!  You will hold that sledge
hammer at arms length and you will bring it back, touch your nose, then
straighten it up again."
Then he handed me the sledge hammer.  I took it - held it at arms length,
slowly I lowered it until it touched my nose, then I brought it back
straight up - without bending my elbow.
Well that guy almost shit in his pants!  Then everyone laughed.  The big
'bad assed biker' realized that he had been 'had'!  He had to laugh too.  He
then came to where I sat down and bought me a double shot of Korbel brandy.
He said:  "Pretty damned good old man!"
Then Big John picked up that $40.00 that was on the bar and put in the
'Bingo's Downed Biker Fund' donation box.For those of you that don't now Bingo
--he sends the 'Free Riders Press' biker newspapers to bikers that are in
prison, home sick, or in the hospital.  He does that with donations from you
bikers out here in the 'free world'.  He has been doing that for the last 6
years  So drop a buck in the box next time you see one!


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