Todays Couple
By: Dr. Gizmo Doodad

She is a fashion model. She makes the big bucks. Nobody is quite sure what her boyfriend does for a living. They have several nice houses including a ski lodge somewhere. She drives a Corvette and a Porsche. He doesn't seem to have a car. He just rides along with her. She keeps several horses in the small barn in back of one of her houses. She even has her own private jet. These two have all the toys. They never seem to have a care in the world. This couple is the definition of YUPPIE. If it's in style, they have it. They accumulate material possessions: it's what they do for a hobby.

Even though these two have been together for years. The rumor among their mutual friends is that they have never even had sex. That's their business though, I guess, but you know how people will talk.

A few years back they got into motorcycles, Harley's to be exact. They are always seen with those hard to get models. The new models that are sold out or are selling at a lot more than list price. It's like they have a direct line to Harley-Davidson or something.

She started to dress in black after she got her bike. She looks good in anything but her new style was a pleasant departure from what she was used to being seen in. Her friends thought she was overdoing the pink look she was known for. She has got to be at least forty-five but she doesn't look a day over twenty.

Not to be outdone he got his own leathers and grew a beard. He also started to sport a diamond earring. I don't know how old he is but I know he is younger than her. I don't know what she sees in him. He looks like such a wimp. She must see something in him that nobody else does. Perhaps it's his easy-going manner. He is always willing to go along with whatever she wants to do.

I would think she would be more attracted to an outdoor guy like that GI Joe from their local HOG chapter. Joe gets his nickname from the old army bike he rides. Joe is rough and always ready for action. You could say he's real man's man.

Our couple dresses up in their black leathers every Sunday. They ride their new motorcycles to a coffee shop where they meet with other people from their HOG chapter.

There they can discus fashion and what's been happening in the stock market for the last week. After a cappuccino and Danish the whole group heads over to the local dealer's parking lot to meet up with the rest of the group.

She finds the Sunday rides to be very exciting. She's always telling everybody what fun it is to actually dress up like a biker even if it is only for one day a week. Usually the group goes to some cool place like New Hope, Pa. where she can get in a couple of hours of shopping. After that they can be found in the ice cream parlor with a few of the others from the group.

Other Sunday's the group takes a ride out through the pines and winds up later in the day at one of the members houses for a BBQ. The HOG members all live in upscale neighborhoods. Of course, it makes the neighbors a little nervous at first to see all these motorcycles until they find out that this group of bikers dressed in their new leathers is just like them. You know, real people with good jobs that wear shorts and play golf the rest of the week.

Sometimes the group might go to the cranberry festival, or the peach festival, or some similar function. The group is careful, however, not to go to any of those known biker bars. They've heard that these places contain real bikers that have been riding for years. They don't really like to be around that class of people. They think the bikers look dirty. And besides the bikers are usually not well educated. What would they have in common with that sort of person?

Ironically, our couple likes dressing up and portraying the image of the people they have nothing in common with and try to avoid. But that's the good part about living in this great country. As a citizen you are guaranteed the pursuit of happiness and happiness seems to be what Barbie and Ken are all about.

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